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Why is the Consumer offer better than Small Business? WHY AM I PENALISED using Small Business Plans?

I had 3 Mobile Phones Plans on Small Business Plans. Same Account.
Now we have 2 Business and 1 Consumer (due to a Telstra stuff up).
I can now compare the Service Offers Side-By-Side.

It's a lot easier for my Consumer Plan. WHY TELSTRA?
- As a consumer, I can Upgrade my Phone after 12 months.
- As a consumer, I can order a new phone on release - and get it faster than business.
- As a consumer, I can speak to anyone 24 x 7

- As Business It's Monday to Friday, business hours only. Very limited outside of these hours.
- As Business NO "Upgrade & Protect" or "New Phone Feeling" (whatever its called these days).
- As Business, I am transferred to small teams with longer waits. "Oh you are business, I need to transfer you", even though I call the Business phone number!
- As Business, the Business Teams' "information" and is weeks after the consumer
- As Business, the low-end plans are NOT Competitive. Extra Small Plans with 2GB is $45 a month BYO? Just to be penalised as a Small Business Account holder? Are they Serious?

These are only some of the crappy episodes I remember. There are more. I want all my Business Handsets on Consumer Plans from now on, or elsewhere, perhaps with Optus.

I'm even starting to question why I am holding Telstra Stock that goes nowhere. I don't think highly of the future of the stock holding. It's better else somewhere else too.

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