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Will 5g ever make it to rural Qld?

I am looking to upgrade my phone and I live in rural Qld and was wondering if it is worth trying to buy a 5g capable device if it will never need it where I live?

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Re: Will 5g ever make it to rural Qld?

5G technology requires more base stations to give similar coverage to 3G and 4G.  While you could buy a phone that has 5G capability, you may not get to use it on 5G for a while yet but 4G and even 3G will be possible on the same device in most cases.. it will quite possibly be cheaper as well Smiley Happy


I would think a 'Blue Tick' handset would be your best bet - coverage is the biggest concern for you where you are I would think? 5G will spread but at present it is still very new and not without issues even in built up areas.. new doesn't always match the promotional hype - you need something that works where you are.. 

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Re: Will 5g ever make it to rural Qld?

hi Amanda47. 

To add to SteveW's reply, you can keep up to date on where 5G is active and if this covers your area here This is still in it's infancy so we will update this as we roll out more 5G in more areas. 

Once your covered, you can find a compatible device and plan here;


Let me know if you need any further questions answered about this. 

Regards - 


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