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Child Friendly Mode on your Mobile Device

With mobile phones and tablets being a common house hold accessory nowadays, and children as young as 2 picking up how to use smart phones and tablets, it’s important you know how to make them “kid friendly”.


Windows Phone:

Windows phone have a great feature built in called “kids corner” wherein you can activate the feature and hand the device over to child without fear. The feature will need to be set up prior to activating it which can be done via settings – Kids Corner. From here you’ll need to add the content you want available to the user once Kids Corner has been activated within the pre-select categories: Games, Music, Videos and Apps. You’ll also need to add a lock screen password if you don’t already have one.


Once you’ve set up the feature and switched it on, activating it is easy! Just swipe left on the main lock screen and then swipe up. When you want to get out of the Kids Corner, simply press the power button and then press it again. This will take you back to the main lock screen.



Some Android handsets have a similar feature built in as Windows Phone does however not all do so I would recommend taking a look at some of the apps that are available for you to download. One that I’ve taken a look at is “Kids Place”.


Kids place works in a similar fashion to “Kids Corner” on the Windows Phone where in once you activate the app, it will only allow the user access to pre-selected apps unless they have the password to exit the app. There are also a number of settings you can change to allow and much or as little functionality as possible e.g. allow internet connection, allow Google play store access, allow phone calls etc.



iOS devices don’t have a “kids mode” as such but it does give you the ability to put a number of restrictions in place. Using these restrictions, you can quite comfortably control how your device is used.


  • App Restrictions – This feature allows you to restrict access to entire apps by removing them from view unless otherwise switched back on using the pre-selected pass code. This feature can be found under settings – general – restrictions.
  • Feature Restrictions – You can also restrict certain features within your phone. The best examples are the ability to delete apps, in-app purchases and the use of Siri. This can also be found in the restrictions section.
  • Guided Access – This is a feature activated within an app which then restricts the user to only that one app unless the predefined pass code is entered. To activate, go to settings – generally – accessibility and turn on guided access. Now that it’s on, simply open the app you wish you your child to be locked to, tab the home button three times which will open a menu and selected guided access. To then get out of the app, tap the home button three times again and enter your pass code. 
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