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How To Report Lost or Stolen Mobile Devices

Unfortunately it’s likely that there will be a time in your life where your mobile phone or tablet is stolen, or you’ve misplaced it and it can’t be found. When this occurs, there are a few things that you need to do to ensure that your account isn’t used, your device can’t be resold, and you can obtain a replacement device.


1. Report the Theft


Report the theft to the Police and ensure that you get a copy of the Police Report/ Incident Report as you may need this to lodge an Insurance Claim later on.


2. Contact Telstra


Call Telstra to arrange a Temporary Suspension of your service. This will ensure that the person who’s obtained your device isn’t able to use your device to make calls, send SMS or MMS or use Network data. This suspension will remain in place until you call us and request the reactivation of the service.

At the same time we are also able to arrange an IMEI block to stop the use of your phone on the Telstra network. Once an IMEI is blocked on a device, all voice calls, SMS and WAP calls will be blocked from and to the device. Note: Due to system limitation GPRS can't be blocked

All mobile device IMEIs blocked by Telstra will be passed to other Australian mobile network carriers for blocking. However, we can't guarantee if and when it will be blocked by the other networks. This inter carrier blocking is facilitated by the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA).

We can only block the IMEI of a device if we can confirm that it belongs to a Telstra customer and if the request is received by the Legal Lessee of the service, or an Authorised Representative of the Legal Lessee.


Please Note: If an SMS is sent to a service with a blocked IMEI, we can't accept responsibility if it isn't delivered. The SMS will be queued for a maximum of seven days before it's then deleted


3. Protect your Information


You may like to attempt to remotely wipe/lock the device to prevent access to your data/ other accounts. Most modern Mobile devices offer a way to remotely request this.

You should reset any passwords for accounts linked to your device, for example your email service, Facebook account, Cloud Back-up services etc, as if these automatically sign in for you, the person who’s got your phone will be able to access these (when connected to a WiFi network if you’ve arranged the Temporary Suspension & IMEI block) so it’s important to ensure that you do everything you can to remove their access to your personal information and accounts.


4. Obtain a New Device


Once you’ve determined that you aren’t going to get your device back, it’s time to decide what you are going to do to replace the device (should you need a replacement). There are a number of options available to you.


  • StayConnected
    If you took up our StayConnected service when you bought your phone, we’ll replace your eligible Telstra Post-Paid mobile with a same or similar model (usually refurbished) up to twice in every 12 month period (service fees apply). And we'll dispatch the same or a similar mobile by the next business day so you can get reconnected to your mobile world as quickly as possible. Service fees range from $190 to $270 depending on your device

    Just log onto the StayConnected portal using My Account ( or call 13 22 00, say ‘StayConnected’ and get put through to our helpful team to submit a request for a replacement device.  (Terms and Conditions do apply)

    More information available here:

    Update: From 1 July 2020, StayConnected Advanced will no longer be available for new consumer customers. StayConnected Advanced will continue to be available to Small Business customers.
    If you took up this extra before 1 July 2020, StayConnected Advanced can be redeemed as per the existing terms of this service. You can check to see if you have this extra in the My Telstra app or My Account.

  • Insurance Claim
    You may be able to lodge an Insurance Claim against one of your Insurance Policies for the theft/loss of your device. Please contact your Insurance Company for more information about what you need to do to lodge a claim, and what documentation is required.

  • Bring your Own Device
    You’re able to use any device you like (as long as it is unlocked and can access the Telstra network) in place of your lost/stolen one. Once you’ve obtained the replacement device, simply pop into your local Telstra store, and we’ll remove the Temporary Suspension on your account and replace your SIM Card (there is no cost for this). This new SIM Card will be linked to your existing service, so everything stays the same on your account. When we replace the SIM card for your service, it automatically deactivates the old SIM card so you don’t need to worry about the old one being used.

  • Recontract & add a new device
    The final option would be to Recontract your Existing service, to one of our current plans, and add a new device on a Mobile Repayment Option. If you are out of contract, there are no charges for doing so.

    If you are in contract, then regrettably there would be some charges that apply, as whilst your phone is no longer with you, this doesn’t void your existing contract. In this case, an Early Recontracting fee of $50 would apply, and you would need to pay out the cost of your existing handset. Lastly, an Early Termination Charge for the previous contract may apply, however this depends on how long you have left on your contract, which plan you have presently and which plan you would be taking up. Information on these charges can be found via My Account.

    If you don't have My Account you can check the charges that would apply here.
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