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Manage Your Data Usage on iOS7 & iOS8

Managing your data is becoming more and more important given the incredible speeds that can be achieved across out 4G and Next G networks along with how data hungry smart phones are becoming. Due to some recent changes in iOS7, we've found that some customers upgrading their software/hardware are finding their data usage is increasing.


Here's our pro tip on how to help you stay in control of your usage and don't forget, you can always add/change your data pack as required.


  • Choose Settings > Cellular to view your usage. Scroll down to “Use Cellular Data For “  and check specific application usages.
  • You can turn off high data user applications this will disable just that application cellular data traffic. 
  • Turned off application can be used only Wi-Fi


          IOS data settings 1.jpg  IOS data settings 2.jpg



The shown used-data amounts is measured from the last time these statistics were manually reset. As such it's a good idea to reset these statistics regularly. 



IOS data settings 3.jpg


We also suggest that you check the two settings below to maximise control of data on your handset.


  • Background App Refresh allows multitasking but the way it works is it allows apps to continually refresh when you are not using them and they are loaded in the system tray. Can be found under Settings > General > Background App Refresh

  • Automatic updates allows your phone to automatically update your apps and keep your libraries sync'd. You can set this to only use wifi or disable it entirely. Can be found under Settings > iTunes & App Store

Thanks to DuckDodgers we've also got these helpful tips:


  • Privacy Settings can use Mobile Data to update your location even though you have not requested it. To turn it off you'll need to go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services, from here you can choose what app you want to access your location data, so be careful what you choose. If there is an app that you use all the time like Maps then you want to leave it on otherwise you will need to head here to keep turning it on and off, but go ahead and turn off what you don’t use
  • Notification Centre was introduced in iOS7 but some of our customers are finding they don't use it that often. It won't always use a lot of data but every bit helps. To adjust or turn off, head to Settings > Notification Centre
  • Multitasking Apps is similar to the Background App Refresh tip above but will help you manage the feature rather than completely disabling it. When returning to the homescreen after using an app, the app will continue to run in the back ground. In order to completely close apps, you'll need to double tap the home button and scroll up on any active app you want to completely close. This can help save both data and battery life.
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