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PUK Codes

Your PUK code is an 8 digit code used to reset your mobile PIN, to unlock your mobile.


If you have all of your account details, visit to retrieve your code.


Alternatively, you find your PUK code in My Account.


Step 1: Login to My Account

Step 2:  On the landing page in Plans & usage, click on the mobile service to view the PUK code.


Make sure you have selected the relevant account or service from the ‘Account number' drop down list.



You can also use the 24x7 app on an alternative device. In the settings menu there is an option to retrieve your PUK. Want a more thorough guide to unlocking your device in the app? Read more here.


Not what you're after? Here's information about unlocking your Pre-Paid mobile or Apple iPhone from the Telstra network.

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