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Safe Driving Tips

Using your mobile phone when driving is illegal in every state and territory across Australia, even when stopped at traffic lights. Ignoring the law can get you a hefty fine, so it’s worth remembering a few basic tips.


  1. When behind the wheel, never use your phone for calls or texting. It’s unsafe and illegal in every Australian state and territory.
  2. If your phone rings in the car, you should allow the call to divert to MessageBank.
  3. Stop in a safe place and turn off your engine if you need to make a call or retrieve a message. Don’t stop where you could be a hazard to other vehicles or pedestrians.
  4. Never dial a number, take notes, write down messages or send an SMS while driving. Pull over to a safe spot and tell the caller you will contact them later.
You are allowed to use a hands-free mobile device while driving but it’s best to avoid distraction by keeping calls to a minimum. You can always let the call go to message bank and return the call once you have arrived safely.
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