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SHA-1 to SHA-2 Migration


Changes to our Security Certificates


As of January 1, 2017, our phasing out of SHA-1, which stands for Secure Hash Algorithm 1, will be complete. This online security certificate, which protects sensitive information transferred over devices such as mobile phones connecting to apps, is used to keep your information safe. In order to keep up with changes to technology and computing power, we are updating our platforms to the new, safer SHA-2 algorithm.


Telstra mobile customers will access internet services that use security certificates, such as Google, online shops, banks and online self-help tools, such as our own Telstra 24x7® app, through the new certificate.



Effected Customers


  • This change will not impact the majority of Telstra customers, as most mobile operating systems, including the mail clients and browsers they use, already support the new SHA-2 algorithm. 
  • If your own an older mobile device (usually 5-10 years old), however, you will see an error message in your browser when you access secure internet sites, self-help tools and apps after 1 January, 2017.


What happens if I try to access a secure site from an incompatible handset after Jan, 1, 2017?


  • In these instances, you will be automatically directed to a site that displays a range of safe, alternate Telstra self-care options to assist you in managing your services securely.
  • The auto-direct page will also provide details on operating systems that can be updated on your existing device to support SHA-2.


What do I do if my O/S does not support SHA-2?


  • If Operating System updates do not apply to your handset, the easiest solution is to upgrade your device to a newer model. You can explore a range of options at


Will I still be able to make phone calls on my older handset?

  • Yes, but while your devices’ call and SMS functions will not be impacted, you won’t be able to access secure sites such as bank websites, online shops and Telstra’s online self-care channels unless you upgrade to a compatible device.


 Why are Telstra changing from SHA-1 to SHA-2?


  • The government have mandated that, for compliance reasons, all industries that use SHA-1 must upgrade to the new, safer, certificate platform by January, 1, 2017


Is this happening because of the 2G network closure?


  • Although it’s happening at a similar time and may impact some of the same customers using older handsets, this change is unrelated.
  • Customers who have upgraded their devices as part of the 2G network closure, should not be impacted by this change, as most have upgraded to SHA-2 compatible handsets.
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