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Telstra Cyber Security | Device Protect

Helping you keep your digital world safe and secure.


Need help with Device Protect? You’ll find your answers here.



What’s included in Device Protect?

Device Protect helps defend against known viruses, malware, phishing scams and identity theft. It gives you access to Trend Micro™ Security Suite apps to install on up to 10 compatible PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices:


Trend Micro™ Security suite applications





Maximum Security - Helps protect against known viruses, malware and ransomware and includes parental control tools.





Mobile Security -
Helps block dangerous websites and guard against known phishing scams.





Wi-Fi Protection – Encrypts public hotspots into secure Wi-Fi networks to help keep your information safe.





ID Security – Search and see which data breaches may have leaked your personal information. Monitor and receive alerts if your personal information is found on the dark web.





Password Manager – Generates passwords and help keep them secure. Safely sign-in to websites with a single tap.







Am I eligible for Device Protect?

If you have an active post-paid mobile or home broadband service with Telstra, you are eligible for Device Protect. If you cancel your linked post-paid mobile or home broadband service, your Device Protect will also be cancelled.



What devices are compatible with Device Protect?

You must have a compatible PC, Mac, Android or iOS device which meets the minimum operating requirements to download the Trend Micro™ Security Suite apps included in Device Protect. To download and use the Trend Micro Security Suite apps you also need an internet connection.


You must be able to maintain an up to date version of all apps (minimum device storage space required). You can check the device and system requirements on the Trend Micro support page.


Note: Device Protect is not available on wearable devices such as smart watches or TVs.



Will the security applications impact the speed and performance on my devices?

There shouldn’t be any noticeable impact on the speed and performance of your compatible devices after installing the security applications.



How do I sign up to Device Protect?

Add Device Protect to your internet or post-paid mobile plan as follows:


  1. Log in to the Telstra My Offers portal
  2. Choose a service (internet or post-paid mobile) and select “Redeem”
  3. We’ll send you a verification PIN via SMS. If redeeming against a fixed broadband service, the verification PIN will be sent to the contact mobile or email address on your account
  4. Enter the PIN into the Telstra My Offers portal
  5. Follow the prompts and agree to Terms and Conditions to create a Trend Micro account. We’ll then activate your Device Protect subscription and billing
  6. Follow the instructions to install Trend Micro Security Suite apps on your compatible devices

Why can’t I purchase or manage my Device Protect subscription using My Telstra on desktop?

Throughout November and December 2020, we’re upgrading to the new My Telstra for customers who manage their account via desktop. This means you’ll have a better, more consistent experience across both the My Telstra app, and the new My Telstra on desktop. If you are unable to purchase or manage your Device Protect subscription via your desktop, please use the My Telstra app on a mobile or tablet.



How do I install Trend Micro Security Suite on my devices?

Once you’ve signed up for your Trend Micro Account, installing the security apps is easy:

  1. First check whether each device is compatible on the Trend Micro support page
  2. To install the apps on your devices, sign in to your Trend Micro Account
  3. Select the app you want to install from your account and click “Download” or “Add Device”, then follow the instructions
  4. You can install these Trend Micro Security Suite apps on up to 10 compatible devices:
  • Maximum Security
  • Mobile Security 
  • Wi-Fi Protection 
  • ID Security 
  • Password Manager


For more information visit the Trend Micro Support Page.



I already have a Trend Micro Account; can I transfer my existing licence over?

You can choose to sign in using your existing Trend Micro Account when purchasing Device Protect. You’ll be given a Trend Micro Security Suite product serial number that entitles you to download the apps on up to 10 compatible devices.



I have multiple services on my account, can I receive 2 months free on each service?

Unfortunately, the 2 months free subscription offer is only redeemable once per customer account. 



Why can’t I see the offer under My Offer? 

If you’ve got a Telstra post-paid mobile and/or internet service and you can’t see the Device Protect bonus offer under My Offer, go to Get help in the My Telstra app.



Where do I get a Trend Micro Suite license/ serial number from? 

After setting up your Trend Micro Account, you’ll be given a Trend Micro Security Suite license serial number that can be found in your Trend Micro Account.




How often is my Device Protect subscription charged?

Device Protect is a month-to-month subscription. You’ll be charged the full month subscription on the same day each month. This date may not necessarily align with your Telstra billing date, it’s the date you purchased the subscription. There’s no pro-rata charge or part-refund. If you cancel, you can continue using the product until the next payment date.



Can I purchase more than one subscription?

To purchase a subscription, you must redeem it against an eligible Telstra post-paid mobile or home broadband service, so if you have more than one eligible service, you may purchase more than one subscription. Each subscription gives you access to Trend Micro Security Suite for up to 10 compatible devices.  It’s important to note that each redemption will generate a new Trend Micro licence and that multiple licences (product serial numbers) can be held under the same Trend Micro account.



Do I get 2 months free subscription if I redeem again on another service? 

No, the 2 months free subscription is only redeemable once per customer account.



Can additional Trend Micro products/support services be added to my Telstra bill?

No, only Device Protect will be included on your Telstra bill. Any additional in-app purchases you make when using Trend Micro Security Suite won’t be added to your Telstra bill or Telstra Cyber Security subscription. You must pay for these directly to Trend Micro.



How do I manage my Trend Micro account?

To manage your Trend Micro account, simply sign in to your Trend Micro account, on a compatible web browser, then select one of the links below to update your:



How do I cancel my Device Protect subscription?

To cancel, sign in to your Trend Micro Account, click Manage Subscription and follow the instructions.


You’ll still have access to your security apps until the end of your monthly subscription. Before this date you will need to remove any saved data on your apps (such as passwords in the Password Manager app). Learn how to remove saved data and uninstall your applications.



When can I cancel my Device Protect subscription?

Your subscription is paid month- to- month so you can cancel anytime. We suggest cancelling at least 1 day before your monthly subscription renews so you’re not charged for another month.



How do I transfer my Device Protect subscription to another eligible Telstra service?

Cancel your existing service before choosing another eligible Telstra service to redeem your subscription against. You’ll be given a new Trend Micro Security Suite product serial number when you redeem your new subscription. To add this new product serial number to your existing Trend Micro account, sign in with your Trend Micro account details and apply the new product serial number to the devices you want covered.



I’m cancelling my Telstra service, what happens to my Device Protect subscription?

If you cancel your Telstra service, then all your subscriptions under this service, including Device Protect will be automatically cancelled. To find out how to cancel your subscription, see 'How do I cancel my Device Protect subscription?' above. 



Where can I get more help setting up and using my Trend Micro Security Suite apps?

Trend Micro have a dedicated support page for Telstra customers where you can find more information on setting up and using the Trend Micro Suite apps.



I think my device has been hacked or infected with a virus, where can I get help?

If you suspect your device has been compromised, please visit the Trend Micro support page


Call the Trend Micro 24x7 Premium Support Hotline on 1800 653 607

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