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Telstra’s International Roaming

Please note: There have been some changes to International Roaming on selected mobile plans, such as the Telstra Upfront Plan.

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Telstra’s International Roaming tips for customers


Get organised before you go
Before departing, check-in with us and make sure International Roaming is available where you’re going.


Be informed about the costs of accessing voice and data overseas
You can use our International Roaming Itinerary Builder to build up a list of countries you’ll be travelling to and see the call costs in each country, handset frequencies supported, whether International Roaming Data Packs and Plans are available for the country and you can print it out and take it with you!


Work out how you’ll manage data use on your device
Streaming or downloading videos, music, email, games and apps while overseas requires data and can be costly. You can use handset settings to disable data access while you’re overseas, or choose an International Roaming Data Pack or Data Plan with an allowance included. We even have a data usage calculator to help you estimate how much data you might use so you can make an informed decision about the data plan that is best for you.


Switch to manual updates
Email, social networking and messaging apps on smart phones send and receive data in real-time and this can quickly add up – especially if your phone has been disconnected from the internet for some time. You can reduce the amount of mobile data used by your smart phone by turning off these automatic updates.


Use Wi-Fi when you have access to a secure network 
For data-intensive tasks like downloading maps or large apps, use a secure Wi-Fi network.


What are the International Roaming Customer service contact numbers:


Within Australia:

  • For Consumer customers, call 12 5109.
  • For Business customers, call 13 2000 or your Telstra Account Executive.
  • For Telstra Enterprise and Government customers, call 1300 TELSTRA (1300 835 787) or your Telstra Account Executive.

Whilst Roaming:

  • While roaming Customers can contact Telstra's 24/7 International Roaming Helpdesk on +61439125109.

    Please note: Calls to the International Roaming Helpdesk on a Telstra mobile while roaming overseas are charged at a flat fee (22.73 cents GST-free for Post Paid and maximum 50c GST- free for Pre Paid), calls to the International Roaming Helpdesk from a non-Telstra device or telephone service will incur normal international telephone charges.

    Calls to Telstra Customer Service on 12 5109 (or 12 5111) on a Telstra mobile from within Australia are 25c (GST inclusive).
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