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Community Manager TimBartel Community Manager
Community Manager

Is my mobile phone able to make and receive phones calls in a 4G only coverage area?
If your mobile device is listed below (Compatible Devices), you are able to make and receive phone calls on your mobile phone while in a 4G only coverage area, provid ...

Telstra (Retired) Yannick
Telstra (Retired)

QuestionHow do I transfer ‘Contacts’ from one iPhone to another? AnswerIf you have iCloud on your old phone, sync your contacts to iCloud (Settings>iCloud>Contacts>On).    Then set up your new phone with the same iCloud account and turn on Contacts ...

Community Alumni (Retired)

Unlock your Apple iPhone from Telstra - Post Paid Customers   Our online iPhone unlocking tool is available for personal and business customers on a plan (excludes pre-paid services). You do not need to be a current Telstra customer to use this tool, ...

Telstra (Retired) PaulQ
Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired) Shellock
Telstra (Retired)

BigPond Email on iPhone & iPad   Disclaimer: Some steps may differ slightly depending upon the version of OS on your device. The screen shots shown are from iOS 6.0.1   BigPond mailboxes have been migrating across to the new platform hosted by Micros ...

Telstra (Retired) Jay
Telstra (Retired)

Service Requests   Will I need to pay anything if I make a service request? Yes, you will need to pay a Service Fee for each exchange or replacement device (unless your device malfunctions due to manufacturer’s fault which is covered under warranty). ...