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What is Telstra 4G / 4GX?

Telstra 4G gives you faster streaming and less buffering in more places, delivering a better video experience, with typical download speeds of 2Mbps – 50Mbps (available to 4G devices) across an area that has the largest 4G coverage of any mobile network in Australia


What is 4GX?

When analogue television was switched off in Australia, the spectrum it was running on – 700MHz – became available. We took up twice as much of this superior spectrum as any other carrier to deliver you 4GX.


Better in the bush – 4GX uses superior 700MHz spectrum that can go further than previous 4G frequencies, creating extra 4G coverage in rural and regional areas.

More for metro – 4GX offers extra 4G in-building coverage and faster 4G in-building speeds compared to our regular 4G, bringing speedy web access when you use a compatible device in a 4GX area.


Why is it important and what’s in it for you?


Fastest Speeds:

Australia's Fastest mobile broadband device with typical downlink speeds ranging from 2-50Mbps and typical uplink speeds ranging from 1-10Mbps upload speed in 4G coverage areas. Customers in 4GX areas can receive up to double 4G speeds.


Better Response Times (ie Low Latency):

Better response times = better network performance so:

  • Fewer dropouts, less buffering and smoother connections for activities such as online gaming or video chat
  • More consistent speeds during both peak and off peak times
  • Superior video streaming experience

Greater capacity:

Multi-task: Do more things at the same time such as uploading photos to social media sites while downloading movies and sending email. All on the go, all at the same time!



Get more bars in more places with Australia’s largest mobile network covering more than 2.4 million square kilometres, so you can do more on the go.


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