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2-Wire 2071A firmware upgrade


I am reguarly experiencing dropouts / speed issues with a 2-wire 2071A modem and was wondering how I can check my setup and firmware versions to see if there is an update available? I believe this is a fairly old modem, would I benefit from getting a newer one?


Model:2071-A Gateway

Serial Number:490711148999

Hardware Version:2701-000675-006

Software Version:

Key Code:52AN-2374-A226-22AS-B2LN

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: 2-Wire 2071A firmware upgrade

As we have posted on previous threads, we are no longer able to push through firmware updates for these modems. Because of this, I would recommend that you upgrade your modem. Customers can choose to order a new modem through Telstra or purchase a BYO ADSL modem of their choice and configure it with the following settings.


ADSL Username: YourBigPond Username (i.e. username@bigpond.com)

Password:           Your BigPond password (i.e. Tiger8788)

Encapsulation:   PPPoA / VCMUX  or  PPPOE / LLC

Authentication method: CHAP

ADSL1: G.DMT (This modulation will only allow speeds up to 8Mb/s)

ADSL2+: Select ADSL2+ or Auto

VPI (Virtual path identifier):        8

VCI (Virtual channel identifier): 35


- Shelly

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