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2701HGV-W Modem WIFI Issues

Dear Technical support at Telstra.

I am well aware of having moden drop outs over the past few years with my modem, of which the solution has been to do with resetting it by following the online instructiions, however I now am experiencing another problem.

I do have two computers, one being the Home PC, of which is working ok, and the other is a Laptop.

I have hardly used my Home PC eversince purchasing the laptop.

The problem is that the modem is working fine with the Home PC, but it is no longer working with my Laptop.

I run ADSL through my Home PC, but I use Wifi for the Laptop, as the modem is capable of performing both tasks simultaeneously.

My internet connection was working ok this morning with the laptop, but now it will no longer connect.

I have checked the cables, and everything is fine, as I am using the Home PC while writing this message to you.

The issue that I'm having with my laptop is, that it does read or register that a connection is open and ready, but it will no longer  connect to the home Wifi channel.

Could you please provide me a solution for this technical problem please.


Matthew Hawkins  

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Re: 2701HGV-W Modem WIFI Issues

since its still working on your main PC

can you go check the settings of the wifi on the modem page

go to

select home network

there's a submenu there, select wireless settings

check if its enabled or not

or if the password was modified

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