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5G Home Internet

I signed up for and received my new 5G home last week. It was amazing. Speeds of 300 and 80+.  Told everyone I know how great it was. 

It lasted 4 days. Dead. 

We didn't change a thing. Log a ticket with Telstra who have less than zero idea how to help other than to blame us and bounce us around from one department to another who all try the same stupid 'troubleshooting'. Yep - turn it on and off, another GPO, put it near another window bla bla bla. Now they simply wont return my calls or respond. All I need is a replacement under warranty but they simply won't action it. These are not in telstra stores so I am totally at the mercy of waiting for my enquiry to be resolved. I need a stable connection to work and this doesn't seem to matter. Has anyone else had their new 5g home modem just die?? Any luck with it being replaced under warranty? 

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Re: 5G Home Internet

What have you been told  regarding what is causing the problem?.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: 5G Home Internet

I'm not sure what they think putting it near a window will do if it won't power up. Sounds like they weren't even listening and were just follow the script to the letter.


Conversation should go like this - Customer: "The modem will not turn on. No Lights come on, have tried a different power socket" Consultant : "OK. Sounds like it's dead, we'll organise a replacement to be sent out".


It should be that simple, especially since all of those modems will still be covered by warranty as every single one of them is under 2 years old.

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