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Adding VOIP phone to second modem/router

Hi. I have fixed wireless NBN and VOIP at my flying club. What I want to do is extended the current WiFi network to included a second router via a bridge. Can I plug a phone into the second router's VOIP port and have access to incoming and outgoing calls on the same number?




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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Adding VOIP phone to second modem/router

Depends on the VOIP service. If you are referring to the standard Telstra VOIP service the same number will only work with one gateway.

If you are referring to a VOIP service from a third party such as MyNetfone you can use the same phone number on several devices including routers with built in VOIP adapters. It is not supported but I have installed an VOIP app on my mobile and can access the number from either the mobile or the phone attached to the router. Both phones ring on incoming calls.

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