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Alcatel-Lucent I-241G-B power supply has died

I called Telstra on Sunday 11th Aug and after a one hour wait I got to talk to a tech and he said the power supply had died and told me he would express post a new one. Monday came and went and Tuesday so last night I called again and after 2 hours on hold, I had to hang up and get some sleep (11 pm by then). So now I'm here asking how do I get this fixed. I work from home and I have almost wiped out my mobile data plan. The back up wireless connection in the Telstra wifi modem barely loads this page so now I'm using my mobile phone. The power supply model is gpa-151wa-136125. Ive tried the 24/7 chat but It just disappears when I click on the options provided.

Paul Barby

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Re: Alcatel-Lucent I-241G-B power supply has died

Ok, I managed to get through to Velocity tech support, they said the power supply was left at the front door on Tuesday. But I was home all day and checked 3 times and never saw a package. to be honest I live in an apartment building in Brisbane city so the front door is on the street and I'm not sure a package left there would last long with and we don't have a reception. I'm not sure what to do, I do online tech sales via video so it looks like I have to move my office to somewhere there is internet or start paying $10 a gigabyte to keep working. Any suggestions on how I can get this power supply asap would be very very helpful. Oh I the online Telstra 24/7 chat doesn't work in Chrome only IE, well for me at least.


Paul Barby
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Re: Alcatel-Lucent I-241G-B power supply has died

Good morning,

Are you using this in a business? I very much doubt doubt that Telstra would keep this as a spare part.

If so, you may be wise to go back to the business centre or point of purchase.

Alcatel Lucent have a support office in Sydney

ALEnterprise (Australia) Pty Ltd
204, Level 2, 3 Rider Boulevard
Rhodes NSW 2138 Australia
Tel.: +61 2 9370 3000

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Re: Alcatel-Lucent I-241G-B power supply has died

Mine died not too long ago, I ended up making my own using this connector https://www.jaycar.com.au/300mm-nbn-ufb-power-connection-lead/p/PP2028 using an old 12v 1A power brick from an old router. This held me while it took 5 weeks for Telstra to deliver a new Power Supply.


If you're not DIY electronics, JayCar also sell one you can just use https://www.jaycar.com.au/nbn-ufb-replacement-power-supply-12v-2-5a/p/MP3538

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