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Anyone else waited 4 days, then been told lies?

I have an HTC5G router/modem. I am on a business plan and whenever I go over my data allowance I get throttled back to 1.5/ second. That would be okay except that it continues for three or four days into my new billing cycle then I have to spend an hour or two on the phone only to be told there is no problem, and then a yes but we fixed it. Here I am four days into my new billing cycle still 1.5 / sec. I just had a phone call back after waiting two days and was told don’t worry it’s all fixed just take your chip out and re-insert it. This is an out right lie because when I asked what division this guy worked in he said in the accounts department. I then said what did they do to fix it. He said don’t worry I’ve taken care of it. If that’s not the definition of a lie I don’t know what is.

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