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I have a few problems/questions with the latest firmware 13.01r on ARCADIAN LH1000.

Devices never list from the Devices tab at Home. I see a refresh button, when pressed refreshes nothing.
I see devices in a tree on the home tab but the details are not always correct. Devices I know are connected are not listed and IP address and device names for some are incorrect. Appears to be old data. Reboot hasn't fixed anything.

Question, can devices listed on home tab and devices tab of local network be refreshed?

Question, can devices be renamed to something useful?


Traffic monitor seems to be completely useless. Internet and Ethernet Network traffic graphs never show anything. WiFi graph only shows 2.4Ghz traffic. 5Ghz shows no traffic. Both guest networks show approximately ~1Mhz continuous while enabled.


I see others are experiencing the Devices problem. Anyone find the traffic monitor useless?

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Level 25: The Singularity
Level 25: The Singularity


I also find the traffic monitors and graphs useless because they stop recording after 2.147 Giga Bytes of data is recording on the interface in any direction (4.298 GB total send and receive). You probably rarely use the 2.4 GHz WiFi band and have not reached the 2.147 GB (4.294 GB Total) data limit. See section 40 of the document linked in this post. I have mentioned this fault to several people in Telstra, the first time was over 12 months ago and problem has still not been fixed.


I don't have the same problem with the devices tab. Occasionally the refresh buttons on the browser has to be pressed as no devices are displayed and sometimes ethernet devices are listed but shown as not connected.

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