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Arcadyn Smart Modem Port Forwarding

I've spent many hours over the last few days trying to get my recently supplied Arcadyn LH1000 "Smart Modem" properly running ... Telstra sent me a new one (with the 4G backup) due to service outage for a few days.   This replaced the Technicolor TG797.


There are a number of posts on CrowdSupport re port forwarding - but I thought that I'd share ..... (a) in case it helps someone else; and (b) if anyone can help me.


What I think i've discovered during these MANY WASTED HOURS is this 'Smart Modem' is incredibly DUMB when it comes to Port Forwarding.   


How dumb ?   It appears to have a FIXED LIMIT OF 10 PORTS able to be forwarded.    Can anyone confirm this ??????


You see, if I configure port forwarding in this order (nb 10th is Plex and 11th is FTP) :  

















Port scan gives this:













Then delete the Plex entry from modem port fwd config, save, re-enter it (so now FTP is 10th and plex is 11th), save:













Running port scan, now gives this :












Less than 30 seconds apart - only change to system is the port forward change.


Coincidence ... nope.   repeated with SSH Port 22 as 10th and 11th.   open when 10th, closed when 11th.


Can anyone help me out with how to have >10 ports forwarded ????????


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