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Business Smart Modem V7610 connection issues

I have just received a replacement modem as I switched from a personal account to a business account for the home office.


I connected all our devices to the new modem every single devices works perfectly except my smart TV and Xbox One.


It’s strange my smart TV says it can’t connect to the internet although it can log in to Netflix browse shows and movies, but can’t watch anything. Youtube works perfectly. So it clearly is connected just being blocked by the modem. Connect it to the old modem phone hotspot all works perfect.


Xbox only appears to not be able to load Netflix at all haven’t tried connecting to an online game, although it all seems to work as it did on the old modem.


NBN Co. and Telstra are coming later this month to change our NBN from ADSL existing technology NBN to Fibre but I don’t know if the technician would be able to fix it or not. I want this sorted ASAP as I get much better WIFI coverage with the new one but if I can’t fix it I’ll just put the old one back in.


Hope someone can help me out. 

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Re: Business Smart Modem V7610 connection issues

I ended up figuring it out reading a few forums, unfortunately this modem blocks certain services with UPnP on. Turned it off everything suddenly works again.

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