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Cable Modem C6300BD Firewall Questions



Having a new Cable service just installed, I have noticed that the Netgear C6300BD Modem has limited ability (Stand to be corrected) to configure the Firewall. Basically I was going to set it up on Medium to control outbound connections but that then limits my ability to connect to work via VPN (PPTP). Can the Firewall be "tweaked" to keep it on the Medium setting and also allow outbound PPTP (VPN)?


My Second question, I cannot ping the modem on the pblic address. Is there a setting to enable this? Why, I use PRTG to monitor my network connection form a remote site. I am using "ping" as the monitoring protocol and would like to enable this on the modem.



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Re: Cable Modem C6300BD Firewall Questions

Hi again Antonio, if you pop along to the following link:


You'll find the full user guide (PDF) for these units, and settingsi etc. that you can configure there.


I think it should provide you with all your answers and then some.



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NB: I am NOT a Telstra employee, just another customer like you.
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Re: Cable Modem C6300BD Firewall Questions



Once again your manual is nothing like my modem. The options listed in the manual don't exist on my Cable Modem. I think Telstra have a propriety image installed compared to your images and manual instructions.

Not helping me much.


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