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Cable modem page loading issues


I have Telstra cable with Speedboost using a Telstra Gateway Max Modem.

Over the last few days I have started seeing some odd behaviour in just a few websites.

The main problem is with www.ninemsn.com.au. The page load only patially completes, and stops with the message "Waiting for imageresizer.static9.net.au". Most of the images are missing. Text appears OK.

Eventaully the page times out and X's appear instaed ofthe missing images.   

This happens in both Chrome and IE 11.


When I hook up my PC to a ADSL connection (that we also have), the ninemsn page loads up without a problem.


I have tried rebooting, and resetting the cable modem - no change, problem remains.

I have tried running the Gateway Max in Bridge mode through another router - no change, problem remains.


The only way I can get the page to load is to use another Internet connection, i.e. ADSL. 

It's like the traffic is blocked or the DNS is not resolving for imageresizer.static9.net.au.


Can anyone help?


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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Cable modem page loading issues

Hi ajdunne.


Just checking in to see whether your issues has now been resolved?


Let me know. Thanks,

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