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Can't activate Telstra Smart Modem

About a year ago Telstra sent me a Smart Modem, because there had been so many internet outages and I was trying to work from home (like a lot of people I'm sure). 

I connect everything up, all the lights are green but I've never been able to actually activate the thing.  I get taken to an internet site on the computer (Activate your Telstra Gateway), where I enter my username and password and get an error message We couldn't Activate Your Gateway CCP0021.  There's a note in the little instruction booklet to phone 1800135103 if registration fails. This phone number has never been answered. I usually get a message telling me to call back in business hours, even though I'm actually calling in business hours. It's a good thing I kept my old modem. A lot of people on here seem to have had similar problems with this modem. Is that why Telstra gave it to me, because it doesn't actually work?

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Re: Can't activate Telstra Smart Modem

It looks like you have a Telstra cable Internet service. To activate the modem you need to register the MAC address of the cable adapter that came with the smart modem. There is a label on the cable adapter with the MAC address written on it.


If that doesn't work wring 132200 and ask for cable activation. 

Support Team
Support Team

Re: Can't activate Telstra Smart Modem

Hi Googleplex. 

How did you go with cf4's suggestion? Were you able to get the modem up and running?


- Tom


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