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Can't connect my printer to wifi network

I can't locte my network from my HP Wireless Printer.  It appears others have had trouble and some intructions have been provided.  This link now no longer works.  Is it possible to get the instructions that were are this link.  https://go.telstra.com.au/helpandsupport/-/set-up-printer-sharing-with-the-thomson-tg782t-technicolo...

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Re: Can't connect my printer to wifi network

3Good afternoon Berkie, yes looks like that link that contained a detailed summary of the process has now been made redundent and re-used.


Take a look at the following and see if this assists you in getting the HP up and running the way you want.


Step 1 of 10: You will need to first install the printer drivers on the computer if you have not done so already.
Follow the following instructions to install the driver:
Plug in the printer to the computer directly.
Follow the instructions to install the printer driver on the computer.
The printer driver software should have been provided by HP or be available from their site support/downloads centre. 
Step 2 of 10: Plug in the printer into the USB port on the side of the Thomson gateway. Click on Start -> Control Panel -> Printers.
Step 3 of 10: Click on Add a printer
Step 4 of 10: Select Add a local printer and click Next.
Step 5 of 10: Select Create a new port and choose Standard TCP/IP Port from the drop down menu.
Step 6 of 10: Type in in the Hostname or IP address field. Click Next.
It will try and detect the TCP/IP port but will not be able to find it and prompt for more information.
Step 7 of 10: Select Custom and click on the Settings button.
Step 8 of 10: Select LPR and type in TG782printer in the Queue Name field. It will then search for the printer driver.
Step 9 of 10: Select your printer manufacturer and model. Click Next.
Step 10 of 10: Type in a printer name and click Next. This should complete the installation process.


You should now be able to print using the shared printer.
If you would like to enable another computer to print to the shared printer,
repeat the above steps with the other computer.



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