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Can Telstra add new DNS servers?

Hi All,


As a parent with young children, I would like to restrict my children from viewing inappropriate content.

The easiest way forward is to change the DNS configuration in the modem.
It’s Free. Just use and
As Telstra have supplied an amazing modem (the Technicolor Gen2) which has operated flawlessly.
Changing the DNS is not an option. Purchasing a new modem is expensive. 


An alternative is, I could set up an always on computer where that computer provides DHCP to my devices but that's not energy efficient. Maybe a raspberry pi? or local PiHole


Thinking inside of the box, I come here to beg and plead that additional DNS servers be added to the modem.


Telstra, Can you please add the following cloudflare DNS servers?
Malware and Adult Content
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:


As quoted by Mrs Lovejoy “Won’t somebody please think of the children?”

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Hi @Re: Can Telstra add new DNS servers?

Hi @TechnicolorGen2 


I don't know why on earth anyone would release a modem without the ability to change the DNS server.


Many times Telstra's Broadband Protect interferes with websites that it shouldn't, so changing to a non-Telstra DNS server fixes the issue.


And your right, you should be able to change to the Cloudflare DNS servers to help protect your family from adult content.


While changing to a non-Telstra modem would allow you to use your own DNS server, it would also mean you would lose the ability to use the home phone.


Sometimes the light is on at Telstra, but nobody is home :-(

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Re: Hi @Re: Can Telstra add new DNS servers?

Hi Ozmoz, 


That was my expectation too, but it does not hurt to ask.




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