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Chat help just isn't cutting it. Incredibly frustrating.

I've been trying to cancel my Telstra broadband for a few months now using chat. I've had endless waits, re-identification, getting bounced from bot to person and back to the bot, without a resolution. Telstra continued to charge me, even after telling me in chat that it would cancel and I will get a refund. I think I have cancelled the direct debit, but the account remains active and when I return to chat it either says it's going to get someone, or that I need to re-identify. Notifications do not come through at all to tell me when a person has finally replaced the bot. The chat keep telling me that someone will read conversation history, but they clearly don't, and I end up going in circles as the person drops in to my chat, then abandons it before I open it again. Codi > Wait > Check App > Nothing > Wait > Check App > Nothing > Check App > Nothing > Check App > Missed request for identification, person doesn't read history, disconnects > Hi it's Codi! > "Need a person" > "Go about your day..." > Wait > etc, etc. > Start again the next day... If they read the history, the request is pretty simple... Cancel my service and refund the over charging as agreed. Some of my history is available, but the earlier parts and when I had person on the chat is cleared and it is just a series of empty bubbles. My account remains active and it still looks like Telstra will try and bill me again. Right now, even though Telstra owed me a refund from when I requested the cancellation for the extra direct debits, they are not issuing me bills for the continued service and telling me I have an overdue amount, and an amount owing of $156 to them. If someone could fix this, refund the monies agreed and stop messing with us that'd be great.

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