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Cisco modem

What’s the go !!!!!

I have been requesting a Cisco modem for weeks now.

telstra refuse to send one out as it’s only for business.

A technician advised that I should get one as well as independent contractor.

My home phone is supposed to be priority ( yer right) it hasn’t worked for months.

I also have an emergency pendant that runs off my landline but you guessed it DOSENT WORK 😡😡😡.

So Telstra what you gunna do ?

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Re: Cisco modem

For the landline issue, assuming is it still PSTN, I would be getting in contact with residential faults via 13 22 03 or via livechat: https://www.telstra.com.au/support/category/home-phone/faults/fix-your-home-phone-problem#lp:dtq/sec...

Alternatively you can try this form: https://service.telstra.com.au/general/home-phone-fault

There are no Cisco modems available through Telstra for Residential customer's.

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Re: Cisco modem

I agree, most ISP's provide modems that are easy to configure without all the bells and whistles [like VPN]. I suggest contacting Telstra as above re the landline issue.

If you have a medical issue that requires an emergency pendant, I'd be finding the extra cash needed and buy a decent router which can have at least OpenWRT which is very easy to configure though dated. Linksys used to have it as a download on their site. Setting up a VPN with DD-WRT is a bit more challenging. It also needs to be NBN compatible with ADSL. Maybe a second hand one?

It is very expensive to hire a contractor at ~ $200 / hr. Maybe Lions computer recycling, Work Ventures or similar may be able to help you out with a volunteer. There may be a subsidy for pensioners with a serious medical issue, from Telstra, or Centrelink aka Human Services, or possibly the MASS [Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme], but I don't know for sure. Just something you could look into, but may be of no use.

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