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Connect GEN2 router to V7610 Router to use VPN


I have an NBN HFC connection at home with a Gen2 Router and tel line.

I am trying to establish a VPN connection to my office which runs on a Telstra V7610 smart modem (DOT) service.  Telstra has provided me with a spare V7610 for Home which worked fine on my cable broadband and PSTN line.  When I moved to NBN, whilst the site to site VPN link still works, I am unable to use the telephone line out of the Gen2 Router. 

Options are:

1.  NBN (Aris) Modem  > V7610 > Gen2...This configuration allows VPN to work.  I am able to have the tel line work for few hours (by initially connecting Gen2 directly to NBN modem then swapping routers) and then it just stops.

2. NBN (Aris) Modem > Gen2 >V7610.  This configuration allows the tel line to work but not VPN.


Gen2 and V7610 are on 2 different subnets, So is the office network.

V7610 is running V2.2.2.6A firmware.

I am not sure if the issue is with the home V7610.  I am happy to buy a new VPN Router for home such as TP link R600VPN. but it needs to connect to office V7610 which cannot be changed.

I have not been able to use my home tel line for months....

Any help re configuration would be greatly appreciated.




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Support Team

Re: Connect GEN2 router to V7610 Router to use VPN

Hi jeana2,


Please contact our tech team on 1800 834 273 and they will go from there in finding a solution for this issue.

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Re: Connect GEN2 router to V7610 Router to use VPN

Hello JessicaL,

I am sorry to say that the tech team was unable to help; "they don't know how to support this"  Their solution is to change my home set up to a business account which is not acceptable to me.

What I am asking is not uncommon.  Any respectable network will have a VPN connection of some kind.  I am amazed that Telstra "It is how we connect" cannot handle such a basic requirement. 

Does anyone have any ideas on the subject?

thank you & regards


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