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Connecting a printer on Telstra Gateway Frontier

I have just recieved a Telstra Gateway Frontier but I am unable to connect my HP 3630 to it. When I am using the printer software to connect, it is unable to find the printer. I had it previously connected to my old Gateway Max modem with no problems. 



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Re: Connecting a printer on Telstra Gateway Frontier

You may need to reset the printer as the Frontier uses a different DHCP range then the Gateway Max. (10.0.0.x to 192.168.0.x)

Alternatively you could try setting the printer up on a computer via USB then use the HP software to convert it from USB to wireless
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Re: Connecting a printer on Telstra Gateway Frontier

@Yastiandrie is most likely right, your HP printer is still trying to use your old Wi-Fi network settings.


I also use this printer, and the easiest way I found to reconnect the printer was to do the following (reference: HP Article)


  1. Turn on computer and printer, have its USB cable handy
  2. Visit 123.hp.com and download the setup for the HP 3630: https://123.hp.com/au/en/devices/DJ3630
  3. Click 'My Printer is Not Shown' when asked to select the printer
  4. Select to connect via Wireless Network
  5. Follow the instructions (you most likely will need to use the USB cable) and it should set up on the new network sucessfully.
  6. If you have any other devices connected to use this printer, you will need to also run through this setup with the same link as above (123.hp.com), but as you already re-connected your printer on the new Wireless Network, you can simply select the printer and the process is much simpler.


HP provides a more detailed process with screenshots on their website, which might be helpful if my steps above aren't that great. You can view it here: http://support.hp.com/au-en/product/hp-deskjet-ink-advantage-3630-all-in-one-printer-series/7172313/...

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