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Connecting additional routers to CG3100 modem

I have had a CG3100 modem router connected to cable broadband for over 3 years with no issues, except very poor signal strength on the in-built WiFi of the CG3100.

To overcome this, and to allow control over internet access for my brood of teenagers, I have used a Skydog modem connected to a LAN port.

The CG3100 local WiFi connected to the TV, as it is in the same room.

The Skydog was used for all other devices, and seemed to work fine over the LAN port, without the CG3100 set to Bridge mode (ie NAT was ON (ticked)).

This week the Internet died, and the Telstra support visit resulted in fitting a "filter" to the cable connection (6 dB), as the signal was too strong !.

The support tech said the issue was Skydog being "fried", possibly due to the strong signal !

So we are fixed now, and kids are able to connect to the CG3100 via WiFi with no problems, except for the poor WiFi strength and range.

The tech suggested using Bridge mode to connect other routers, so I unticked NAT in the setup and connected my old Netgear WNDR3700v2 via LAN port 1.

I used the Setup Wizard, which identified a Static (Fixed) IP, but didn't assign an IP Address, Subnet Mask or Gateway (all set to I can't access the internet through this and the Test failed, due to no IP.

I've searched through the forums, but can't locate an "Idiots Guide" to setting this up.


I would like to keep the WiFi on my CG3100, as it's good for the TV etc.

I would like to connect two additional routers to allow one router with Parental Control for my kids to connect to, and one router for work use, without all the other devices, gaming consoles, video streaming etc the kids use.


So, with CG3100 in Bridge mode, can I keep local CG3100 WiFi on for the TV (Foxtel, iView, Skype etc) ?

Can I connect the additional routers via direct LAN cables with Birdge mode on the CG3100 ?

For setting up the additional routers (Netgear WNDR3700v2 & Belkin F9K1002v3 (N300)), what IP Address, SubNet and Gateway should I use ?

What other settings do I need to look at or change to get the system to work ?


Thanks for you help.

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Re: Connecting additional routers to CG3100 modem

So doing some more googling, this time on Whirlpool, it seems my options may be limited.

Whirlpool had two relevent posts




Key points are here:

Follow this rough rundown of how to get connected.

1/ log into the CG3100.

2/ Turn off NAT and disable wireless abilities.

3/ Connect the ethernet cable from port 1 of the CG3100 to the WAN port of the WNDR3700.
Then another ethernet cable from computer NIC to port 1 of the WNDR3700.

4/ In the computer's local area connection in the properties section, click the radio head of obtain IP address automatically and do the same for the DNS.

5/ Log into the WNDR3700 and go to basic settings and set it to auto obtain since you can't run static address.

You should be able to browse the net now.

In regards to lights, amber lights mean 10/100 speed and green lights means gigibit speeds.


Some clarification on my question regarding multiple WiFi routers:

Can both have Wireless access points enabled for better coverage though the house?

No you cannot. As the CG3100 is acting as a modem only it will not be giving out private IPs to devices – meaning you will use the limited number of public IPs available on your connection.


and these steps:

Connect LAN1 from the CG3100 to INTERNET (yellow) port on the WNDR3700.

Disable the WiFi on the CG3100 (Wireless Settings > Untick Enable Wireless Router Radio)

Connect all your devices to the WNDR3700.


So I lose WiFi on the CG3100, but will have it on the WNDR3700.

For a second router then, could I connect my Belkin to a LAN port on the WNDR (or visa-versa) ?


With the daisy chain approach, will I lose much bandwidth ?

I guess I would like my work related stuff (on the Belkin) to get a higher priority than the kids games and videos (on the WNDR).

I will also still need to connect something to the TV, maybe another LAN port on the WNDR.


Does this approach make sense to anyone ?

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