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Connecting my new Gen 2 Telstra modem router to TP link N600 switch

Hi, I have just received my new NBN Gen2 Telstra modem router and cable adapter that replaced an existing unit that worked fine with my current setup, but now I am having trouble connecting to my TP-link switch for internet access and my network looks broken. The switch services a home office with multiple devices.

Issue: I cannot connect the TP-Link N600 dual gigabit switch to the LAN connection on the Telstra router. It does recognise the internet connection.
I couldn't log in to the switch but after a reset I got on. Telstra modem is and DHCP range set through to and switch is IP set as static lease and switch has DHCP to
I can make all computers and printers static IP's but haven't tried that yet.
Network setup in office looks like it needs building from scratch, NAS drive letters have broken too.
Not sure of best setup... don't know what a bridge is or whether it is better to use the switch as a repeater for WiFi and what to use as the router to manage all the office devices.
I have been mucking around for a day and getting stumped, so I need some simple tips as I am not tech savvy! Thanks...

Ole Florager

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Re: Connecting my new Gen 2 Telstra modem router to TP link N600 switch

I think your main problem is leaving the DHCP server on in the TP link N600. You can't use two DHCP servers on the same network. Suggest you use the DHCP in modem and TP link N600 router as a switch and access point only.


I assume you have the TL-WDR3600 model. To set up as access point and switch.

  1. Turn of DHCP in the N600 Note with DHCP will not be able to connect or reconnect to N600 until after step 3
  2. Can leave LAN IP address as IP
  3. Connect LAN port of N600 to LAN port of Telstra modem.
  4. In the Telstra modem set DHCP range ftom to
  5. For nest results if N600 is located close to Telstra modem turn of WiFi in either N600 or Telstra modem. If N600 is in another room change SSID and WiFi password to match Telstra modem.


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