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Connecting Telstra Gateway Max 2 to in-wall ethernet socket (NBN)

Hello Everyone,


I ran into an issue that I couldn't figure out why it's not working.


We have several in-wall ethernet sockets in our apartment and FTTP NBN connection. There is 3 in-wall socket directly underneath the NBN box and 1 in-wall socket in the bedroom (which have a label as Andes-6). We are using Telstra Gateway Max 2.


The NBN box is quite far away from our devices so I wanted to use the in-wall socket so that we don't end up with too much cable hanging around. Naturally, I thought that if I connect one of the LAN port from the Gateway Max2 to one of the in-wall sockets, it should work through the wiring and connect the socket in the bedroom. To my surprise (or maybe I shouldn't be suprised), none of the ports I tried works.


The method I have tried:

NBN WAN >> Telstra Gateway Max2 LAN >> in-wall socket >> bedroom in-wall socket >> extention cord CAT6 >> PC

Result: No Connection


NBN WAN >> Telstra Gateway Max2 LAN >> extention cord CAT6 >> PC

Result: Connection


I tried to ask the support person on the Telstra app and my building manager, both couldn't help me with the issue.


I would be super grateful if anyone has had this issue before can point me in the right direction of troubleshooting the problem.


Many thanks in advance.

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Re: Connecting Telstra Gateway Max 2 to in-wall ethernet socket (NBN)

The sockets might be cabled as phone instead of Network sockets. The only way to check if this is how they are wired is to look at the back and check how many wires are terminated on each socket. If they are cabled as network socket eight wires will be terminated on each socket.

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