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Connecting USB printer to Technicolor DJA0231

Surely this is possible??

I've just set up the Technicolor DJA0231 to be NBN ready and everything is working like a charm - PCs, mobile devices and my bridge router connecting all my home theatre devices (Smart TV, X Box, DVD/Amp and PVR.

My HP 6500 is connected via USB and the Technicolor DJA0231 has detetced it and says Printer Sharing is on, but nothing I do on my PC recognises it. I've tried setting up TCP ports and manually browsing but nada.

There are archived posts on this forum saying this feature isn't available, but then why bother to have the option?

Any advice appreciated

Clive Sharp

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Re: Connecting USB printer to Technicolor DJA0231

Have you tried installing printer via Windows explorer. Dee section 30 of document linked at bottom of this post.


SMB1.0 and Network discovery has to be enabled on PC.

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