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Connecting wavlink mesh to a telstra smart modem

Cant find settings to connect the two systems. (AC1200 whole home wifi system)

Can someone help

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Re: Connecting wavlink mesh to a telstra smart modem

Hi which Wavelink set do you have - the Base Touchlink  or the Nighlight one? If you have three units, one of them is a Router controlling the Mesh Network and the other two are remote satellites. There are two configuration options. 


1. It is important to establish the Internet Address scheme deployed by Wavelink. If the IP address range of the Wavelink Router defaults to  leave it on this and connect the Internet Port (WAN) of the Wavelink Router to a LAN port of the Telstra Smart Modem which has a different IP address range starting with and turn ON the Wavelink Router then pair the Satellites. This means you will have two networks in home which may or may not be suitable to your needs. You will then need to decide if you wish to make the Wavelink WiFi name the same as the Telstra WiFi Name. 


2. The second method involves you to set up the Wavelink as an Access Point under the control of the Telstra Modem , disabling its Router function in configuration screens - the Wavelink has to fit into the IP Address range and control of the Telstra DHCP Network to create one home network. It will no longer use but will be assigned a dynamic IP address from the Telstra Modem. It can then be programmed as its Static IP address within the Telstra modem's screen for permanent assignment .This generally requires the DHCP Server in the Wavelink to be disabled or they may be a setting to Enable Access Point Mode.  The Wavelink system may need to be Restarted for program changes to activate.  Cabling connection in this scenario is generally made between the Telstra Modem LAN port and the LAN Port (Ethernet) of the main Wavelink Router unit.  


I don't have experience with this brand - if there are issues, let us know what they are so that they can be addressed and I am sure others will contribute as well. 


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