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Connection issue

Firmware Number: 18.1.c.0514-950-RB
Modem Make Model: Technicolor DJA0231

Recently My computer cannot connect to internet. The PC cannot obtain a IP address from the switch (self-assigned ip 169.254.xxx.xxx). My PC is on 2.4GHz Wifi.
0. Reset the switch several times.
1. I mannually set the ip on the PC, then it is back online. However, when I ping the router, package dropping 4 out of 10. When I do the speed test, its download gives ~ 8Mbps (was ~23Mbps).
2. All the device on the 5GHz signal works fine. No issue at all. Speed test on those devides gave ~23Mbps download.
3. I borrow my friend's NBN Router. My PC works fine on the other router. Link quality is very good. No need for mannual IP setup.
4. I tried a laptop on my own Telstra 2.4G wifi. It works fine, it is able to obtain IP from the router. And Link quality is good.

This is so strange situation. As up to pt3, I thought it is the faulty switch. Then the 4th point makes me think it is my PC's problem. I really don't know what to do.

Can anyone give me some advise?

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Connection issue

The latest firmware update for the DJA0231 (18.1.c.0514-950-RB) added Protected Management Frames (PMF). This could be causing your problem. Suggest you log into the modem and go to Advanced > WiFi. In the 2.4 GHz WiFi settings look for a PMF setting turn it off and save settings.

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