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COVR-1102 setup with NBN

Hello, I have recently acquired the D Link COVR-1102 mesh Wi-Fi system, and I’m not having much luck getting it to work with my Telstra NBN. 

I have the Sagemcon F@st 5355 modem that came with the plan. I’ve followed the instructions for the COVR setup in the D Link app, but at the final step, the lights on top of my access points remain flashing orange (indicating no connection).


One question mark is about whether I need to plug the first COVR point into the F@st modem or directly into the NBN box.


Has anyone got experience setting this system or similar up with Telstra NBN? Have I simply set it up wrong?

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: COVR-1102 setup with NBN

I don't have any experience with the D Link COVR-1102 mesh system but I would plug the first unit directly into the NBN Box and set up for a Dynamic IP (DHCP) page 18 of manual. If you need a phone service connect WAN port of F@st5355 to LAN port of first COVR.



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