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Devices disconnected from Sagecom F@st 5355

I’ve just had 23 Atom Wiz connected AT9017 lights installed in my house. They only connect via the 2.4GHz band. 

During installation (pairing) we continually had the WiFi drop out for minutes at a time and pairing has completely failed for 6 of the lights. 


Since they have left (as they couldn’t resolve the issues and need further tech support) I have also lost my existing connections to all of the following to WiFi. 

- Alexa x 4 devices (cannot re-connect)

- Google assistant x1 (cannot re-connect)

- Fronius solar system (cannot re-connect)

- Netgear WiFi ‘extender’ (says it’s on with signal but cannot re-connect)


I do still have several devices connected over the wifi

- phones

- ipads

- TVs

- 17 Atom wiz ‘smart’ lights 


Is there a maximum number of devices that the Telstra Sagecom F@st 5355 can connect WiFi devices to?

Is there a way to check the modem setup and increase the number of devices that can connect?

is there a way to reconnect the WiFi extender?


Appreciate any help that can be offered. 

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Re: Devices disconnected from Sagecom F@st 5355

The Sagemcom F@st5355 does have a maximum0f 16 reserved LAN IP address (Static LAN IP) but I don't no of any limit on the LAN IP address available for connected devices apart from the theoretical one of 254. You could try disconnecting one of the connected devices and see if you can then connect one of the other devices that are not connected.


The modem does store the LAN IP address off previously connected devices that are no longer connected for at least 24 hours. Rebooting the modem should release all the LAN DHCP leases which will make them available to connect to other devices.

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