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DSL disconnected but Wifi printer connected

4 days ago our ADSL2+ internet just dropped out. Laptop and phone devices cannot connect to wifi. Yet our wifi printer still works somehow. Can print files.


How is this possible and why can't any of our other devices connect to wifi? It says DSL disconnected. Have we got a local wifi network working but nothing through DSL. 


Would really like our internet back.



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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: DSL disconnected but Wifi printer connected

Yes the modem's local WiFi and wired network will still work when the modem's Internet connection drops out. Devices on the local network can still connect to each other.

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Level 22: Superhuman

Re: DSL disconnected but Wifi printer connected

Wi-Fi is seperate, and not dependent on the internet/DSL. It is a modem capability supporting local devices..


Did your devices connect to wi-fi before the DSL failed?


Which Telstra modem do you have (label on the bottom)? And does it have 4G backup (blue light on fornt when in 4G, green when in nbn internet mode)..


What are symptoms of  the devices that can't connect?


You might need to change a setting in the modem - please advise the make/model of modem so you can get better directed help with your issue..

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