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Dsl light off as well as lan light off.

Have done the internet check and all perfect apparently. Wi-Fi works on my phone. On tv's will work then run slow then buffer....all green lights on modem expect mobile signal is yellow... nbn box dsl and lan light off.... 


I have everything plugged directly into the wall and smart tv.


It's working but I'm obviously doing something wrong? 


But apparently internet is fine...

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Dsl light off as well as lan light off.

The Telstra modem is on 4G backup. Speed is limited to 6 Mbps which is why TV is buffering. If DSL light on FTTC is off then it indicates the NBN NTU is not connected to DPU in the street. Check the connection between NBN NTU and the phone wall socket. If there is more than one phone wall socket check nothing is plugged into any of the spare phone sockets. If everything is connected correctly then contact Telstra support and lodge a fault.

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