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dumb modem wont return to fixed line

dumb modem wont return to fixed line. Spent 11 hours speaking to foreign people i could hardly understand and did not fix problem

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Re: dumb modem wont return to fixed line

Do you mean you modem has switched to 4G Backup mode or something else?


If the modem went into 4G backup on it's own, then there is likely to be a fault on you internet service that needs to be reported do you can get it fixed.


It is always helpful, when asking a question in this forum (which is just customers like you for the most part and no access to billing and accounts), to provide a bit of detail about your equipment - such as the modem make/model and internet service you have, any symptoms you can see/notice and other information that relates to the problem and what troubleshooting you have done yourself and who you have contacted..

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