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Dynamic DNS provider request

Hi Telstra Modem team,


Can I make a request for a new DDNS provider option in your modems - DuckDNS.



I have been using them for a while now however it would be great if my modem could update it for me.


Why should you add them?

  • They intend to keep the service free
  • It is hosted on Amazon VPC
  • They dont keep logs and as little of my personal data as they can
  • Everything is secured with HTTPS
  • They will never sell personal information
  • It is really easy to sign up with twitter / facebook / gmail / reddit and everyone probably has one of those accounts. One less password to remember!

They also support an option for routers that do not directly support them as a service where you can enter a "Custom URL" as a perovider into your modem

for example https://www.duckdns.org/update?domains=<domain>&token=<token/password>


Maybe the "Custom URL" would be an option to allow for many other providers rather than a limited few?


I look foward to seeing this as an option in the future Smiley Happy





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