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Factory reset on the FAST5355-A

I recently decided that I want to change the username, password, etc. of my modem but I couldn't sign in to it, even after I used the password "admin" and "password" (caps and lowercases) that I realized that a deceased family member changed it. I looked online for how to reset or change it, I was then told that the only way to get a new password is by factory resetting it but unlike most modems, ours doesn't have a designated button, so I held down the power button for 10 sec but our **bleep**ty hunk of plastic didn't seem to change and the password wasn't reset. I am just wondering how do I factory reset my router or can I find the password in another way. Thanks.  

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Factory reset on the FAST5355-A

Reset button is located behind a hole in the front of the modem between the the power and front USB port. Press for at least 10 seconds using a bent paperclip or similar device to factory reset the modem.


If you have an ADSL connection you might have to renter your ADSL username and password in the modem's Broadband settings for internet to work after the reset.

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