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Failed Smart/Frontier Cable Modem Activation

I have recently Ordered an upgrade from a standard CG3100D Cable Gateway modem which was not adequate for streaming content etc to a "Smart" modem. I had my Smart Modem and Gateway delivered today and was excited to get it setup as my family and I have been frustrated with the old modem inadequacies for a long time. Upon following all the setup instructions, i was easily able to get the Cable adaptor and Smart Gateway connected and things were looking good. However, although I was able to establish a WIFI connection, I kept encountering internet security (privacy errors etc) and the Broadband Protect Captive portal kept try to run its authentication script and was failing. I spent over an hour trying every conceivable quick fix such as re-starting all devices, cleaning up the browser, disabling ant-virus etc etc, trying multiple times to setup WIFI connections but I was still encountering issues establishing an internet browsing session. I eventually called the Cable Activation team (1800 135 103). I was put in a queue for over 30 mins and then when somebody finally answered I gave them my details and was then put on hold for another 10 mins whilst my details were being verified. Well it turned out that the newly delivered modem and/or gateway were not active in the network as the registration synchronisation process between modem delivery and cable device activation had failed. I was then informed that this problem cannot be fixed until as late as Wed (13th March) next week, due to a large number of other cable/network issues and allowing 1-2 days turn around to fix it. Any advice from the group on how I might get this fix sped up would be most welcome. I do have an interaction number (INT 1-1447098597222).

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Re: Failed Smart/Frontier Cable Modem Activation

I don't now how you could speed up the process but if the old modem is still working you could bridge the old modem by turning off its WiFi and NAT and connecting smart modem to one off the LAN ports on the old modem.
To return modem to normal mode will require a factory reset
IP address of modem in bridge mode IP address changes from to
User name is admin and password is password.

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