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FAST5355-A WiFi stability

Over the past month I've had issues with wireless devices connected to my FAST5355-A (FTTP). They connect OK but most of them can't reach the Internet (Fetch, smart TV, Soundtouch) and those that DO have internet access (mobiles, tablets etc.) are very slow. The only fix is to reboot the router, things work for a day max before the thing needs a kick in the guts again. Problem also persists after factory reset.


DHCP is working, everything gets an address and gateway but I think the connectivity tests some devices do are either extremely slow or fail to work when connected to wifi.


I have a switched network and several wired devices that never have a problem.


I've even gone to the length of disabling wifi on this device and using an older modem/router for stable wifi (TG797n v3) with DHCP server disabled. This works and points to an issue with the NBN modem/router.


I wasted over an hour on hold and explaining my problem to a technician who asked me to plug a machine directly into the UnitID1 port on the NBN NTU....? To top it off the call dropped and all attempts for the engineer to call me have gone to voicemail, despite having 4 bars of signal.


I'm hoping to get the modem replaced, unless someone can help me wade through these layers of broken?







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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: FAST5355-A WiFi stability

Instead of leaving WiFi channel on Auto in the F@st5355 you could try manually selecting a channel. On the 2.4 GHz band use a channel between 1-11 some devices don't work on channels above 11. On the 5 GHz band select a non DFS channel. Non DFS channels are channels 34-48 and 149-165.


When selecting select a channel that has least interference from neighbouring channels. To aid in selecting a channel use the Wireless environment Tab of the Advanced WiFi Settings for each band.

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