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Fing and DNS Resolution Issue

I get a few notifications a day from my Fing Desktop Network analysis app that my DNS Resolution is not working. It is intermittent and resolves itself eventually.
Is the problem with Telstra and the modem/router providing the DNS servers (, for internet access and me pointing the LAN devices to Cloudflare?
I can't edit the Telstra setting for the internet connection in their provided device however i can edit the LAN DNS settings.


Any advice welcomed

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Fing and DNS Resolution Issue

When you change the LAN DNS settings in the modem  the DNS server that was selected is used for DNS resolution for connection instead of the DNS settings displayed in the modem's Internet settings. If you have set cloud fare as the DNS in the modem's LAN cloud fare will be used for DNS resolution instead of the Telstra DNS servers (,, Make sure to also change the LAN IPv6 DNS to cloudfare. 


The problem could be caused by a number of things. Suggest you install ping plotter and run a test. This will give a better idea of what is causing the problem.





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