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Fixed wireless NTD issues

Recently tried to connect to fixed wireless via Telstra at a property in a rural area in NSW.

House is 2 years old and previous owners were on Fixed Wireless with iiNet.  NTD in the house, antenna on the roof, they say they had zero problems.
We tried to connect with Telstra, they couldn’t see that there was any NBN equipment installed at the address.
2 NBN techs have attended for “Installs” and realised there is nothing to install, we have re-confirmed the NTD number with Telstra, had a Telstra tech come out and pull the phone line from the pit to the house for us to access ADSL (no phone line ever pulled through since new build) been advised now that we can’t have ADSL even though NBN says that phone line services will not be cut in our rural area. What am I missing?  
the previous owners told us that they were physically at the address but the NBN is registered at an address 2 property’s up, who don’t have NBN btw, so potentially need another NBN visit? New NTD? 
Telstra messaging=Useless!  
Trying to contact by phone=pointless 

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Re: Fixed wireless NTD issues

Sounds like the whole installation was stuffed up in the first place and iiNet pulled a dodgy to get the account running. That is why Telstra can't see that there is any equipment installed (NBN Co have no record of it, as it is supposedly 2 property's away).


You will be able to get a phone service installed through the copper, but not ADSL as the regulations don't allow new connections once NBN becomes available in an area.


I don't know if NBN Co even have a procedure for "moving" the equipment in their database, but you will need to ask Telstra to request NBN Co to do this. Otherwise Telstra can't organise for NBN Co to provision the service as the addresses don't match.

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Re: Fixed wireless NTD issues

Thanks for the reply, very helpful.


just wondering about ADSL connection; there’s confusing information about ADSL availability in rural areas where there is NBN available.  NBN website says that in fixed wireless only areas like ours, NBN will not cut connection via copper.  I assumed this would mean we could still have ADSL, Telstra confirmed this also.  Hopefully we can connect with The ADSL with less hassle.

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