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Fortigate 60E to Telstra FTTC NBN

Can my Fortigate60E WAN interface connect directly to a FTTC NTD? I want to use this rather than the Telstra Smart modem

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Re: Fortigate 60E to Telstra FTTC NBN

Short answer is yes...   but..


Do you have/use the landline that comes with the connection you have?


If you do use your own modem, you realise won't get the 4G backup the SM gives you?


Is the Smart Modem already there, installed and activated?


To try it and prove it works, just put a cable between the Ethernet port of the NBN box, to the WAN port of the Fortinet.


The other option is to connect your Fortinetet WAN port to a LAN port of the Smart Modem - i.e. run your network outboard of the Telstra modem. You will have to make some changes to the Smart Modem, probably turn off Wi-FI and make sure only one router is handling DHCP. The IP ranges and subnets can't overlap or conflict. that Do NOT bridge the smart modem if you want to still use the 4G backup capability in that configuration.


In the diagram below, your comaptible Wi-Fi Gateway is the Smart Modem with no Wi-Fi or DHCP and your Fortinet router/network connects where the TV ('Your Own Devices") is..




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Re: Fortigate 60E to Telstra FTTC NBN

The Fortigate60E can be used connected directly to NBN NTD. Set the connection type to Dynamic IP, No login required. If you need a voice service connect Telstra modem's WAN port to a LAN port of the Fortigate60E and disable SIP ALG.

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