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Foxtel IQ2

I'm trying to connect my IQ2 to my Gateway thru a Netgear range extender. however the Foxtel instructions don't match reality. It says connect to www.mywifiext.net but that doesn't connect and the click "new extender setup" but the connection takes me just to the netgear website.


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Re: Foxtel IQ2

Your IQ2 would need to plug directly into the extender as from memory the IQ2 doesn't have WiFi capability.
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Re: Foxtel IQ2

You would need to connect to the range extenders network first, and then go to that site and configure it to connect to your existing wireless network coming from the SMG2. Then you can plug the ethernet port from the range extender to the IQ2 and it should work as long as your extender supports connecting an ethernet device to it,


But to be honest your better using a powerline kit such as this: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/TP-Link-TL-PA4010-KIT-Powerline-Ethernet-Adapter-Starter-KIT-HD-600Mbps-...


You just plug into a power point next to your modem and connect a ethernet cable and then connect the other half to a power point and connect the ethernet cable to the iq2. Foxtel use to provide them I use them and they work great.

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