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Free NewSmart Modem Offer .

Good afternoon , 

In mid October 2020 I received an email from Telstra offering me a free upgrade to a new Smart Modem ( to replace my existing old modem ) but only  if I accepted Telstra’s offer before 25-November-2020 , I accepted this generous offer on 30-October-2020 and promptly received another email confirming my acceptance of Telstra’s offer ( I still have copies of the 2 original emails ) and that the new Modem would be dispatched within 2 days , this email also stated  that I would shortly get another email with a “ tracking number “ on it , here I am now 20 days later with no follow-up email , NO TRACKING NUMBER and CERTAINLY NO NEW SMART MODEM  , many , many phone calls ( no answers to problem) , emails to Telstra ( no response )  and even a personal visit to my local Telstra Shop and still nobody wants to know anything about the offer let alone a solution , has anyone else had this problem ? .. all I am wanting is what Telstra has offered me as a loyal Telstra customer of 51 years !!.

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Re: Free NewSmart Modem Offer .

I took up a similar Telstra free modem offer earlier in October 2020.  Although I also was assured 'that the new modem would be dispatched within 2 days', it was more than 2 weeks before I received an email notifying me that the modem had been dispatched (with a link to related tracking details). The modem was delivered 2 days later.  So I hope that you receive your new modem soon.  Installation of my modem was straightforward, but I lost my incoming Caller ID function.  Please see my post in this forum titled 'Lost Caller ID after NBN modem upgrade' if you need to fix this problem.

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Re: Free NewSmart Modem Offer .

Thanks for your quick reply , you have been most helpful , your info has given us hope that Telstra’s offer will be honoured and the new Modem will be on its way to us soon , 

Thanks again and have a great day.

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Re: Free NewSmart Modem Offer .

Hello guys ,

after many , many phone calls to call centres and quite a few emails ( no response ) and also 2 visits to my local Telstra Shop ( also no solution to my problem ) I finally thought I was getting somewhere when I got one person at one of the call centres to acknowledge that Telstra’s offer of my free new Smart Modem wasn’t been honoured but still couldn’t do anything about it but what he did do was pass on my request to his supervisors in the “ so called dispatch dept “  and he also gave me a reference number ( only because I insisted for it ) for my enquires , once again no follow-up and no solution from Telstra , I waited another couple of days , phoned Telstra’s call centre again , quoted the earlier reference number , got the operator to check my case file ( he first doubted my story ) and after confirming that what I was telling him was in fact true he organised it to be sent to me , issued me with an order number for my new Smart Modem and “ BINGO “ it arrived on my doorstep less than 2 days later , my question to Telstra is : why did I have to go to so much trouble / time / frustration over a period of 27 days just to get what was promised to me in the first place ? ...

If anyone else out there is going through this or something similar please just remember to keep at them and make sure they honour their promises ..

Have a great day guys .

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